Our forums contain many moderated discussions about cardboard Christmas houses and related hobbies.  If you have a question about something on our pages, or if you have a photo, tip, or special memory that you’d like to share, please sign up and contribute often.  A number of knowledgeable collectors and world-class craftspeople belong to our forums and often contribute, so it’s a great place to hang out.  (Plus, we keep it a safe place to hang out as well - see below)

When I discussed setting this site up with my hobbyist friends, many explained their reluctance to join online discussions because they have seen too many forums taken over by scammers, spammers, or folks with an ax to grind.  So have I.  To me, it is critical to keep Cardboard Christmas a family-friendly, “safe place” for well-meaning people, even if we never have more than a dozen participants.  

Registration Update for 2017, #3:  Since these forums were created, I have spent many hours trying to keep out a flood of scammers, spammers, and would-be trolls.  Even the best software doesn’t keep out computers that can publish a thousand fake guesses a minute. 

Just as time-consuming are the real people that I go to the trouble of signing up, who never actually join in the conversations or contribute anything.

From this point on, all applications will be manually approved or denied. In order to keep that from becoming a full-time job, I have also established a membership fee of $1 a month, payable through PayPal as prescheduled direct deposits.  It’s not that I need the money per se (though this site does cost me real money to keep going).  It’s that the scammers, spammers, and trolls never pay to join the sites they hope to pollute. 

Admission is not guaranteed.  You can be turned down. If you apply with incomplete or fraudulent information, you will be turned down. If you want to be part of our community, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting accepted, though.

Note about User Names:  Whatever user names you’re used to on other forums, please pick one that is appropriate to this list.  You may be “sexybaby” or “zombiebait” everywhere else, but here you need to have something that relates to you or to the topics that interest you on this site. In addition, your user name is part of your login, which means you have to type it exactly the same way, capitalizations, punctuation, and spaces included.  So “H. R. Puffenstuff” might seem like a fun user name to use, but if you leave out a space or period or spell Puffenstuff “Puffinstuff,” you won’t get in, no matter how many times you swear at the computer. 

I also reserve the right to delete applications with user names that are sheer gobbledygook  I’m sorry if this seems inconvenient, but this describes the vast majority of fake signups.  If you’re a real person with real interest in the hobbies we represent, pleased don’t ignore the tips on our sign-up sheets, or use a user name like asdfljafk or drowningkittens. 

If you attempted to sign up and you believe that your (legitimate) registration was removed accidentally, please use the contact page on this site to get in touch and we’ll get it sorted out. Of course, if you use the contact page to try to sell me fake Canadian pharmaceuticals, that will get deleted, too.

Remember, neither your name nor your e-mail address, nor any other private information will ever be seen by other members (unless you share it yourself).  We also promise to permanently ban anyone who signs up with false information or who belittles or bullies other members in any way. 

In other words, we just want to know that we are as serious about keeping your information safe as we are about making you feel safe when you join our little “club” and participate in the discussions. 

If you have any questions about this policy or about our forums in general and you haven’t applied for membership yet, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

To Apply for Membership in the Cardboard Christmas forums, please go to our Forum Signup page and follow instructions.

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